Ducklings (0-24 months )

Puddleducks, nursery for young children in Liss

These are the names we give to our younger members. Children can start the nursery when they are three months old in our cosy baby room. Here they will be cared for with their regular qualified staff. You will receive daily communication via our live famly app showing snacks/meals they have eaten, when they were changed, their sleep times and what toys/activities they have chosen to play with. Babies under 12 months old can bring food in from home but we stress that once they are ready to eat the home prepared and cooked nursery meals they have these.

We aim to work closely to your home routine and offer a home visit with the manager and your baby’s key person to make a smooth transition from home to nursery. When they are approximately 2 years old they become a ‘Quacker’ and have access to many wide and varied toys and activities suitable for their age group downstairs.


The staff ratio is 1:3 for this age group and our baby room caters for 9 under 2’s.