Puddleducks, nursery for young children in Liss

Since joining Puddleducks, Delilah has developed into a confident and happy child, we have truly appreciated your care and the development of her. As parents, we are delighted that she happily attends and she is enjoying every moment of her time with you.

We have felt we could place complete faith in you and your wonderful team. We look forward to her sister Daisy joining your family and receiving the same nurturing and attention.

Linda Carr

Our daughter Isla moved to Puddleducks nursery when we moved to Liss. Since her first day she has absolutely loved being part of the Puddleducks family. She really flourishes there(something all our family members have remarked on) and loves the staff as well as the other children. She literally can’t wait to attend every session. Isla’s been a Puddleduck for over a year now and at every stage I’ve been delighted to see how well they know Isla and understand and support her needs. I can’t rate them highly enough!

Kate Fismer

I couldn’t be happier with the service provided to my daughter.  The staff are all very friendly and caring. My daughter and previously my son who now attends after school club always enjoy their experience at Puddleducks with the positive stories of the day/events discussed everyday.  The staff are a credit to the nursery and I couldn’t recommend highly enough.

Samantha Booty Dec 2016


Having to recently deal with an unexpected change in childcare provision, this nursery welcomed us at short notice for an immediate viewing.

A refreshing change for our child of an open plan, calm, patient setting with supportive and diligent staff.  Our child is benefiting from a great sense of normality to her day of child led learning through play.

Getting plenty of fresh air, walks out and about and access to play resources of her choice. Nutritious cooked food on site, aspiring to peers of different ages and seemingly settled, happier, mindful and focused on a look, see, learn play basis.

Our transition of her learning experience including a helpful parent app we look forward to continuous development of our child’s learning journey and helped along by caring staff.  Happy child, happy parents.

AH Oct 2018